Available in white (for women) and black (for men):
• Curved shape razor with a sporty flair – eye catching design and excellent handling
• Extra-wide blade head suitable and supportive for shaving against the grain of the beard
• Comes with the 6-blade technology for a high quality premium shave and outstanding results
• Razor-sharp laminations protect the skin
• Glide strips with natural oils (lavender and aloe vera) soothe the skin and prevent irritation

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Shave Lab Razor Seis for people who love durability and razor design evolution! The razors made by Shave Lab transform your daily shaving experience into a luxurious ritual. These products for men and women combine style, functionality and quality to give you the best possible shaving experience.

Excellent workmanship with an elegant design in chrome-plated aluminium, polished high-grade resin and subtle laser engraving on the handle, Available in the classic colours of black and white, elegant designs, polished high-grade resin and a subtle laser engraving on the fitting. All of which leads to an exceptionally stylish razor that achieves the best result you have ever had.

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