• EBENHOLZ after shave balm combines the effects of magnolia bark and birch leaf extracts – a perfectly natural way to combat razor burn, inflammation, irritation and the signs of aging.
• Extracts of birch leaves immediately soothe, stimulate the metabolism and improve the skin’s appearance.
• Magnolia bark extract contains two potent ingredients: magnolol and honokiol. These active substances inhibit chronic inflammation and effectively help to fight the skin’s aging process from the inside out.
• The extracts used from the birch leaves and the magnolia bark are certified organic and gently extracted by means of water distillation.

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Men’s skin is about 20 to 30% thicker than women’s and has a coarser structure with fine-meshed tissue. Therefore it stays firmer and smoother longer than women’s skin. Even though the first wrinkles appear later, they are deeper and more abrupt. Additionally, men’s skin produces more sebum and all men’s grooming product must therefore take into consideration the typical structure of men’s skin. Daily “attack” from shaving inflammation and persistent irritation must be targeted and corrected while working with as little oil as possible. And that is where EBENHOLZ comes in. They have analyzed the typical needs of men’s skin and adapted the strengths of their natural active essences.