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As a professional barber you want your customers to be satisfied with your services but most of all you want them to come back. With our Advanced Barbering Course in Dublin, you’ll learn all the latest styles and trends that will set you apart as a talented barber and have your clients returning time and time again.

The course is designed for experienced barbers and hairdressers who want to develop their existing skills and progress their career to the next level. Our hands-on approach to teaching means you’ll gain useful practical skills which you can then apply in the workplace. Furthermore, your tutor can offer you valuable and insightful tips to help you get ahead in the barbering industry. 



Hairdressers & barbers with 1+ years experience

Option 1:   6 weeks (2 mornings a week)
Option 2:   2 days
Option 3:   5 days

6 WEEKS €1850
2 DAYS €420
5 DAYS €890

Monday: 10:00 – 13:00
Tuesday: 10:00 – 13:00
Course dates: Contact us for available dates

Men’s Grooming Ireland – Advanced Barbering Course


On completing the course you’ll receive a Men’s Grooming Ireland: Advanced Barbering Course Certificate. We stress that our courses are skills focused and practical, unlike many college-based courses which are mainly theory based.

With more than one year’s worth of experience, we do ask that you bring your own kit.

Our barber courses in Dublin are designed to help you get ahead in the workplace. Many of our graduates have gone on to open their own successful barber shops.

While we do advertise for models we certainly encourage you to try and source your own. What better way to practise your new skills than on a friend or family member?


Your message, please include any question you have and the date/month you would like to join our Barber Course