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Haircuts for boys: Double crown transformation


I was on the the hunt for a barber that can perform miracle haircuts for boys. My eight-year-old son, has been blessed with a double crown. This means that at the crown of his head, rather than the hair growing from one whorl, it grows from two, sat side-by-side, creating two conflicting directions of growth. In other words, the middle bit of hair sticks up, every day, ALL the time.

Haircuts for boys: Double crown
A double crown with two whorls of hair growth

The Chinese believe that the double crown is very lucky however, in the world of haircuts for boys, it has always felt more like a curse. 

Past visits to barbers have led to complete frustration. It seems that not many barbers really know what to do with a double crown when it appears in the barber chair in front of them. Consequently, most of them treat it like a normal head of hair – which always leads to a brush-like disaster. 

My son has endured a full spectrum of bad haircuts for boys experiences. Tears have been shed (both his and mine) because barbers have either cut his hair too short all over or left it too long at the crown, leading to a permanent patch of untameable hair sticking straight out like a hedgehog or a particularly scruffy baby bird. 

A lucky find

But yesterday, the parade of bad haircuts for boys finally came to an end. We finally discovered a barber who knew what to do with Asher’s double crown. Yesterday, we did indeed feel lucky as we entered Men’s Grooming Ireland (MGI) in Stillorgan, Dublin. 

As Asher was settled into the barber chair with a comfy pad to lift him to the correct height, Andrew immediately could understand our hair torment. 

He looked at Asher’s current brush-like haircut and explained, “I can see that the last barber used regular, straight-edged scissors which just don’t work for a double crown. You have to use a pair of thinning scissors to cut here as they create cuts of all different lengths, which follow the direction of the hair, allowing it to sit more naturally”.

Magic scissors

As Andrew worked his magic with the thinning scissors, I could see the sticky-uppy bits on the back of his head start to disappear and Asher’s hair began to look like the average back of a head. It was nothing short of miraculous. 

As Andrew snipped on, he explained, “With double crowns, you either have to wear them very short or very long. But the trick is to match the rest of the hairstyle to the length of the crown. So either keep everything long on top or go very short.”

The best haircut – EVER!

As Asher’s hair is also quite thick, Andrew added texture to the cut on top to make it easier for him to style. Finally, he blended the top into the shorter area at the crown to create, what I have to admit, is the best haircut Asher has ever had. My son was truly beaming in that chair. Not only did he look “so cool”, he also felt like a little prince with the way Andrew had treated him. 

When the cut was finished, Andrew taught Asher how to quickly style his hair in the morning. Which led to another minor miracle. 

This morning my usually bristle-haired son appeared from his bedroom all styled-up and looking like a film star – not at all like the usual messy, hedgehog-esque apparition. 

A great haircut for boys had not only made him look good on the outside, it had boosted his self-esteem and encouraged him to take pride in his appearance. Never underestimate the power of a good barber! Watch out, Class 26, the coolest Lucky Kid is on his way in.

Haircuts for boys: Double crown transformation

Blog post by Francesca Hennessy


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