MGI Barber Partnerships and Mobile Barbers for Events

Increase your profit by forming barber partnerships with Men’s Grooming Ireland. We have collaborated with many well-known brands and businesses in Dublin.

Our partners engage with us in a number of ways to increase their visibility, improve their brand/company profile and boost profitability.

Most importantly, we work hard to ensure that our partner’s needs come first. As a result, we will help you to achieve your desired outcome.

We can:

  • Form barber partnerships by promoting your product to a male audience. We can do this by promoting your brand in our barbershop or arranging one-off events within the salon. This is perfect for:
    – soft and alcoholic drinks
    – snacks
    – skincare and grooming products
  • Improve brand identity by providing a team of skilled mobile barbers and grooming services at events. Including:
    – company and staff events
    – retail events
    – fashion shows
    – conferences
    – product launches
  • Offer professional and highly skilled pop-up barber services for weddings, wedding events and shows.

If you have an idea for a barber partnership or would like our mobile barbers to attend your event, contact us today:

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