Men's Grooming Ireland


Beard Wax Balm


Men’s Grooming Ireland Beard Wax (50ml). Formulated with natural cocoa butter and jojoba oil, this high-quality balm softens and moisturises coarse bristles whilst soothing the skin at the base of the beard. Keeps your skin and beard hydrated and stimulates growth. The beard wax provides soft hold for fuller beards, making it easier to comb ad style. Gives truly amazing results in a short period of time.


HOW TO USE: Apply small amount of beard wax to your fingers. Rub between your palms until soft and stroke through your beard. Use a comb to sculpt the desired shape.

Our male grooming product range is developed with the help of professional male barbers for use on all hair types. Leading to a high-quality product able to compete with the best brands on the market. All Men’s Grooming Ireland products are paraben free.