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Top Hair Care Tips For Men 2022

There is no doubt that your hair is an important part of your overall look. With so much to consider it can become overwhelming at times: styling, washing, and what products to use. But don’t worry, the Men’s Grooming Ireland team is here to help. We had a sit down with our expert team members in Stillorgan and Terenure to gather some pro tips to achieve the ultimate hair look. 

We are sure by the end of this read you will have enough knowledge to make your daily hair care routine more effective than ever before. We want to help you feel confident and look great! 



1.Washing your hair the right way 

The key to great hair is a great wash routine. First off you will need to use a high quality shampoo and conditioner that are sulphate and paraben free. Different products have different effects and are created for individual hair types. For example, if you have thin hair you should look for a volumizing shampoo. 

When washing be sure to only use a dime-sized amount of shampoo and conditioner- Sometimes less is more! When washing gently massage and work the shampoo through your scalp; this will stimulate blood flow which is great for hair follicle stimulation. 

Most people tend to apply conditioner to the entire scalp and hair- this is not the correct method. Conditioner can clog your pores so you should keep it as far away from your roots as possible. 

2.Cool it down

We all love a hot shower after a long day at work or after a gym session. However, hot water is not great for hair, particularly when it is piping hot! This can weaken your hair and break down essential hair oils, making your hair dry and bitter. 

If you want to improve the health and growth of your hair switch over to using slightly warm/ cool water every now and then!

3.Drying your hair 

Do you step out of the shower and rub your hair vigorously with your towel? Well, you are not alone, this is a mistake that many men make. Your hair is very susceptible to damage when it is wet, and as a result, must be treated with care. 

Rubbing wet hair with a towel can cause hair loss and damage. When you get out of the shower you should pat dry your hair gently with a towel. After you should either air dry your hair or blow dry. If blow drying be sure to use a low heat setting to cause minimal damage. It is also a good idea to air dry your hair every so often. 

4. Ease off the products 

Men’s hair care products are great, particularly when you choose high quality products like the ones we sell here at Men’s grooming Ireland. Such products have a host of benefits in terms of promoting hair growth, appearance, and overall health. There is no issue with using hair care products, but they should be used correctly and in moderation. 

Using too much product in your hair can cause a build up, and as a result your scalp can not absorb the product as it should. Not to mention, too much product can make your hair look unnatural and heavy, so be sure to only use as much as you really need. 

Styling Product guides

  • Sea Salt Spray: Sea salt spray  can really help you achieve your ideal hair texture and style. It is the perfect long lasting styling tool that every gentleman should have in his grooming kit. 
  • Clay: Clays are typically dryer than other men’s grooming products used for a firm hold; ideal for those looking for a strong hair hold without a high gloss or shine. 
  • Hair Dust Powder: Hair dust powder is a great way to achieve subtle hair volume. This kind of product is perfect for fine hair. 
  • Fibre Gum: Flexible fibre gum is perfect for a flexible/ medium hair hold. Typically used for a more natural shine and texture. 
  • Moulding Creme: Our medium hold moulding cream is ideal for those looking for some shine in their style but without looking artificial. This pliable creme is enriched with natural waxes and a gentle fragrance. 
  • Texture Paste: This product is the ideal styling tool for those gents seeking a firm hold. Enriched with natural waxes and a subtle lemon and bergamot fragrance, this hair cream is easy to apply and allows you to create definition and texture with a natural finish.


Our team of highly-skilled barbers are always here to help. Visit one of our stores currently based in Stillorgan and Terenure. Each appointment includes a full hair consultation at which time our barbers can advise you on the best style to suit your face shape and hair care needs and also what care products you should be using.