Men's Grooming Ireland


A guide to men’s hair care and styling products

The modern man takes great pride in his appearance and is willing to invest time and money into looking his best. While the options for women’s hair care are seemingly endless, the selection of men’s hair care products has historically been much more limited. Lack of product experience makes it difficult to know which products suit your hair. But things have changed, and now, Men’s Grooming Ireland is here to help. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to the most common hair styling products for men, all stocked by us, and explain how to use them.


Pomade is a versatile product that can create various looks, from natural and relaxed to sleek and polished. Our Pomade is a strong hold product designed to help you achieve sleek styles with high shine. Pomade is your product if you want a slicked-back look, razor-sharp partings, or a touch of pompadour.

Flexible Fibre Gum

If you’re after a more natural look, our Flexible Fibre Gum is perfect for creating textured styles with a high-strength, flexible hold. This product contains natural waxes to help add definition and separation to your hair without making it feel stiff or crunchy. Fibre gum should not add shine to your hair to allow a natural look. Work a small quantity into damp or dry hair and style as desired.


Moulding Creme

A top-rated product among our clients, Hair Styling Moulding Creme, is perfect for creating a range of styles with a firm but flexible hold. This product will give your hair a high shine finish and help keep your style in place all day long. You’ll get a looser result than a pomade, so it’s perfect for that cool, casual look.


Shaping Clay

Any stylish gentleman knows that a great hair day starts with the right product. Our Hair Styling Shaping Clay is perfect for creating a range of styles with a solid hold without shine. This product is ideal for those with thicker hair that need a little more control, as it will help to add definition and separation. Made with natural ingredients, this clay is perfect for those with sensitive skin and is paraben free.



Texture Paste 

Men’s Grooming Ireland’s Hair Styling Texture Paste is a firm hold product perfect for creating long-lasting styles with a natural matte finish. This product is ideal for those with thinner hair as it will help to add volume and texture, especially if added during blow drying. If more volume is needed, combine it with our sea salt spray.



Hair Styling Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt spray is a very low hold, low shine product intended to help create volume and texture. Use this product on dry hair. It is ideal for those with thinner hair looking to add some volume. Sea salt spray leaves your hair soft and free to move, unlike pomades and clay, and is a very popular starting point for men looking to experiment with a hair product.




There ends our quick roundup of the most popular men’s hair care products for 2022. We hope this has helped you understand the different products available and how to use them. Contact the Men’s Grooming Ireland team if you have any questions about men’s hair products.